Wondering what ABA
actually means?

ABA = Applied Behavior Analysis

It’s a type of behavior therapy that helps children with autism or other developmental delays gain skills and improve behaviors.

The core of ABA

  • Breaking down a skill into distinct parts so a child can learn
  • Promoting communication skills by using positive reinforcement. This increases desired behaviors and subsequently decreases negative behavior patterns
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Many experts consider ABA to be the most effective treatment for children with ASD.

ABA is evidence-based and has been proved to be effective through numerous clinical studies.

ABA is here to help your child be understood, be safe and function as independently and successfully as possible in the real world.

What can you expect from ABA?

Depending on your child’s needs, we’ll work on things like:

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  • Improving social abilities
    Interpreting social cues, making friends, acting appropriately in a social setting
  • Developing functional skills
    Like going to the bathroom, dressing oneself
  • Increasing verbal and non-verbal communication skills
    Expressing needs and wants as well as understanding other people
  • Learning to self-regulate
    coping with emotions, managing new environments
  • Reducing problem or harmful behaviors

That’s ABA.
So what is naturalistic ABA?

Naturalistic ABA is a specific approach to implementing ABA. It has the SAME goals as ABA, and data is measured and tracked in the same way. The difference is in how the therapy is implemented.

Naturalistic means “learning through play” or learning in the natural setting. Natural setting means that teaching isn’t just occurring at a desk or table located in a therapy room but in a variety of environments and locations.

By targeting important skills while your child is engaged in an activity they choose, therapy feels fun and enjoyable. It also helps make sure your child is able to use their new skills outside the therapy sessions and can be independent and successful in the real world.

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The team behind successful ABA

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A Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) is a
highly-trained individual with a master’s degree that has completed 1500 hours in clinically supervised fieldwork. Your BCBA carries out the assessment, designs the therapy plan, and monitors progress over time.



Commonly known as the therapist, your RBT has a nationally recognized paraprofessional certification. Your therapist (RBT) gets to know your child, implements the therapy plan in your home, tracks progress, and regularly communicates with your BCBA.



You’re the expert on your child, and your involvement is critical. We take your input and suggestions seriously. By sharing triggers, responses, and preferences, your child’s team can make a sound assessment as well as adjust the plan over time.

Not all ABA therapy is created equal.

At Heartlinks, you’re guaranteed services that:

Bring ABA to life

No one wants to turn their child into a robot. We’re passionate about bringing ABA to life. Your child will learn to transfer skills learned in therapy to the “real world,” like a visit to their cousins, the local playground, or a trip to the grocery store. Our goal is to reach a point where your child does not need our services.

Relies on regular parent involvement

You’re included in every stage of the treatment plan, and your input and feedback are vital to achieving success. We’re here to answer any questions and work together with all members of your child’s team.

Respect your child’s individuality

Children with autism don’t all exhibit the same symptoms. Likewise, ABA is not one-size-fits-all therapy. By approaching each child with curiosity and creativity, we design a program that considers your child’s personality, needs, and background. As therapy progresses, we adjust as needed.

Incorporate the latest research

We’re fanatical about learning. By staying on top of all the research and incorporating them into treatment, your child gets to benefit from cutting-edge developments in the fields of ABA and autism.

Your child’s bright tomorrow starts today.

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