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‘Life-changing’ is often how parents describe ABA or Applied Behavior Analysis therapy. Whether you’re a parent or caregiver of a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder, in-home ABA services can transform how they interact with others and the world around them.

Heartlinks’s ABA therapy focuses on the child as well as the entire family. From the initial phone call contact to the last in-home ABA therapy session, our team-oriented approach continuously re-evaluates how we can most effectively support your family throughout this process.

With centers in Georgia, New Jersey, and Indiana, your question, ‘Is there in-home ABA therapy near me,’ is an unequivocal yes! 

What is ABA therapy?

ABA is a therapy that enforces or teaches acceptable behavior and skills through positive reinforcement. ABA therapy aims to decrease harmful behaviors while encouraging positive ones. It is widely considered the pinnacle of autism therapy for children. 

What are the benefits of in-home ABA therapy?

ABA takes a flexible therapy approach, often in different locations, including at home.  When therapy sessions occur in a natural setting, such as a child’s home, the therapist can work with them where their skill and behavior deficiencies arise. In-home ABA providers are usually more effective in teaching your child essential skills. 

Other benefits of in-home ABA services include the following:


In-home therapy is convenient! Starting with Heartlink’s initial consultation to your regularly scheduled treatment, it takes place in the comfort of your home. Our therapy sessions are designed to fit seamlessly into your family’s daily routines. Often our clients’ families discover that in-home ABA therapy provides the needed convenience to remain consistent with meal planning, school responsibilities, and adhering to other family members’ schedules. 

Additionally, Heartlink has a location near you. From Georgia and New Jersey to Indiana, our centers are conveniently located to provide the utmost ease of getting to and from us.


In-home ABA services offered by Heartlinks allow clients to work on skills that are part of their daily routines. From getting dressed and toilet training to social interactions with siblings, these life skills are just some of the goals of our therapy sessions. Working in a familiar environment allows in-home ABA providers to observe your child in their natural setting. This can help them create personalized goals. 

A Group-Effort

At Heartlink, we emphasize the importance of parents actively participating in their child’s therapy.  From being present for activities to fostering a healthy line of communication with their child’s ABA therapist, all of these aspects add to a parent’s involvement in therapy. 

Family involvement will also help the therapist observe how your child interacts with you and other family members. This means your ABA therapist can offer valuable feedback while creating new goals for your child’s in-home therapy for Autism.  

What is the goal of ABA therapy?

The primary goal of your child’s in-home ABA therapy will largely depend on their specific needs. For a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder, there are several primary goals, including the following:

  1. Decrease incidents of inappropriate behaviors
  2. Increase social skills that are age appropriate. 
  3. Improve school-related skills that are critical to your child’s success
  4. Strengthen a child’s language and communication skills. 

For example, some children with Autism Spectrum Disorder have difficulty understanding instructions or accomplishing tasks that require multiple steps. Some may act out around other children, so social situations become challenging. Other kids become aggressive or upset when placed in unfamiliar places or situations. 

The beauty of in-home ABA therapy is that it can be adapted and applied to each child’s unique needs and goals. Unlike other treatments, ABA does not take a ‘one-size-fits-all approach.’ 

How does ABA therapy work, and what to expect?

In-home ABA therapy begins with a phone call or email from you. Within a 24-hour time frame, we’ll get back to you to establish an appointment to hear more about your child. We can move on to the next step if they already have an official diagnosis. 

Next, we’ll need to contact your insurer to ensure your child receives the maximum benefits they’re entitled.

We’ll need you to complete a detailed intake form about your child’s needs, challenges, and goals. 

Upon completion, we’ll send a qualified BCBA to your home to assess your child, take their thorough family history, and begin to build a greater understanding of your child’s needs and challenges. 

This BCBA-led assessment will be sent to your insurer for final approval. In the meantime, at Heartlinks, we’ll be busy finding your child the perfect-fit BCBA and paraprofessional RBT; therefore, when we receive insurance approval, there is no delay in commencing their in-home ABA therapy. 

Once insurance has authorized the treatment, we can schedule your therapy at times and on the most convenient days for you and your family. The unique treatment plan Heartlinks has developed in conjunction with your family can begin, and you can watch the changes begin.

Let’s get started!

If you’ve decided that in-home ABA therapy is right for you, Heartlinks can help. Whether you’re in Atlanta, Indianapolis, or Newark, we have a location with the experts to answer your questions and get you started. 
Heartlinks is committed to providing our young clients with world-class family-centered in-home ABA therapy. Reach out to us today to discuss the next steps in helping your child realize their full potential through in-home Applied Behavior Analysis therapy.