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In-home ABA Therapy Services for individuals with Autism aged 0-21

Give your children the skills they need today

So they can live a better quality of life tomorrow

We provide a customized treatment plan for your child to thrive through applied behavior analysis.

You want to improve your child’s quality of life, but you want to ditch the ways of any old therapy.
You want a therapist who understands your child is more than their autism spectrum disorder and a team of professional and responsive behavior technicians. You and your child come first at Heartlinks ABA.

In-home ABA Therapy Services

We use a structured environment that mimics their daily routines and interactions at home, where they feel most comfortable. In-home applied behavior analysis offers flexibility to deliver therapy sessions based on your location, such as Atlanta, GA, Indianapolis, IN, and New Jersey, NJ.

Community-based ABA Therapy Services

Community-based therapy services target your child’s challenging behaviors in community settings such as a park or the grocery store. When your child learns in their natural environments, they are better equipped with the social skills to navigate these situations.

Celebrate your child’s progress as you watch them:

  • Improve communication skills
  • Reduce harmful behaviors
  • Develop social and functional skills


My son now speaks in full sentences and his tantrums have also improved. Heartlinks ABA makes it easy for the family. Starting services was a smooth ride, and if I need something from them or I have ideas, they listen, they don't try to prove me or this is wrong. My son’s vocabulary has improved hugely, he now speaks in full sentences and his tantrums have also improved. When I call them they're right there for me. If I have a question, or we need to change something, they get back to me quickly. Their service is extremely professional.

When it comes to your child’s future, only the best is good enough.

You can trust us.
We’ve got high standards.

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Meticulous Monitoring

Consistently monitoring your child’s progress is key. Your therapists record specific data, which is analyzed and interpreted to adapt their treatment plan to propel them forward.

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Skilled & Warm Therapists

Our behavior technicians are compassionate, caring, and knowledgeable. They receive ongoing training, take part in regular supervision, and use innovative methods. Your child will look forward to therapy as they build a close relationship with their therapist.

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Parent and Caregiver Training

You learn how to use applied behavior analysis tools daily, even when we are not around. You will feel empowered to manage your child’s challenging behaviors, needs, and triggers, and family life will become more manageable.

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Smooth Onboarding & Insurance Management

Navigating the insurance system is daunting and time-consuming. We ensure everything goes smoothly and seamlessly. We handle benefits checks, insurance, treatment authorization, assessments, and implementation. You can focus on what matters most – your family.

How it works

Connect with Us

We will get back to you within 24 hours to schedule a time to learn about your child. If your child has an official diagnosis, we can move to the next steps.

We contact your insurer to ensure you get all the benefits your child needs.

Verify Benefits
Intake Form

Fill out a form with your child’s details.

We send an expert board-certified behavior analyst to assess your child. We also take a thorough history to understand your child’s background, needs, and challenges.

Get Assessment
Get Approval

We send the assessment to get approval from insurance. We find a perfect-fit board-certified behavior analyst and paraprofessional registered behavior technician, so your child can begin therapy services the moment insurance authorization happens.

As soon as insurance authorization happens, we schedule therapy on days and times that suit you. We develop a treatment plan based on your child’s challenges and strengths and your goals and concerns. Your child begins applied behavior therapy, and you get to celebrate their progress.

Begin Treatment

Is my child eligible?

Insurance for our ABA Therapy Services

Your insurance covers therapy for individuals with autism 21 years old or younger. The coverage depends on where you live. Other services covered by the law include occupational therapy and speech therapy. You can find more information here.

Why families love working with us

Innovative & Creative Approach

With 20 years of experience working with the Autism community, our clinical director drives a culture of ongoing learning about ABA and ASD. Keeping up with the latest autism spectrum disorders research on medication, mental health, and neuropsychology helps us apply the latest developments to your child’s treatment plan.

A Whole-Child Philosophy

We do not provide a cookie-cutter therapy approach. We ask for detailed information to understand your child’s interests, challenges, and strengths. We build a customized treatment plan that suits their needs. Not 100% satisfied? We want your feedback! We are flexible and do whatever it takes to ensure you are confident with their progress.

Impeccable Service

Your child’s treatment is a priority, and you need a responsive team. You get regular communication and prompt notifications of changes and updates. If a therapist has to stop working with your child, we will find a suitable replacement quickly. Need something? Call us or send us an email or text message. You will get a reply right away.

Deal with All Ages

We can design tailored programs and clinical guidance for children up to 21 years old. Our rich and diverse experience allows us to tweak ABA therapy to work for different age groups, no matter what level of support your child needs.

No Backlog

The earlier your child begins the treatment, the better. You do not wait weeks or months for a space to open up. We can tap into our wide range of behavior technicians so your child begins ABA therapy services as soon as insurance allows.

Confidence to Handle Complex Cases

Every child can learn. We never give up regardless of the child’s challenges. By thinking outside the box and using our vast experience, we help all children with autism spectrum develop and progress.