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ABA Therapy In New Jersey

Personalized ABA therapy in New Jersey provides individualized care for children with autism to thrive in the real world.

If your child has autism spectrum disorder, ABA therapy can help them gain skills and tools to be independent and interact with others in the real world. We want to create a positive environment where your child can thrive through positive reinforcements and individualized care focused on their interests, skills, and personality.

Our ABA Therapy Services

Our team is proud to offer ABA therapy services that achieve a range of outcomes, such as:

  • Managing maladaptive behaviors
    Developing academic skills
    Improving communication skills
    Learning social skills

New Jersey ABA Service Areas

Map of New Jersey Displaying Heartlinks ABA Service Areas

1.Sussex County 2.Morris County 3.Passaic County  4.Bergen County  5.Essex County  6.Hudson County  7.Union County  8.Hunterdon County 9.Somerset County  10.Mercer County  11.Middlesex County  12.Monmouth County 13.Ocean County 14.Burlington County 15.Camden County  16.Gloucester County

New Jersey ABA Therapy FAQs

If you have any remaining questions about ABA Therapy in New Jersey, we’re here to answer them.

What are the services you offer?

Heartlinks provides many forms of ABA therapy services in New Jersey for children with autism. Your child can attend therapy sessions in a clinic, home, school, or community-based setting.

Our ABA therapists focus on a naturalistic learning approach for applied behavior analysis. Our therapy programs focus on using tools children will encounter to teach them how to navigate different situations. For example, if your child likes to attend community sports or visit a playground, our ABA therapists will incorporate these environments to teach essential social skills and communication skills.

What kind of insurance do you accept for the therapy programs?

Your insurance provider likely covers our therapy services. However, the coverage you get depends on where you live. ABA therapy in New Jersey limits insurance coverage for applied behavior analysis to individuals with autism who are under 21 years old. There is no dollar limit on coverage of ABA therapy in New Jersey. The State Autism Insurance Law accepts individual, fully insured large group, and fully insured small group plans.

Besides ABA therapy, other services covered by the law include speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy.

Heartlinks ABA provides therapy services and autism treatment for children and teens aged 0-21. Our ABA therapists create individualized care plans tailored to the child’s skills, abilities, and interests. We ensure your child learns in a safe and familiar environment to develop the social and communication skills to adapt to situations they will encounter in real life. We want your child to feel motivated and engaged during therapy and encourage parents to be involved in their sessions.

Your child should receive the best care and thrive with a good quality of life. We focus on positive reinforcements to help your child adjust maladaptive behaviors and develop positive behaviors that allow them to be independent, care for themselves, and interact well with others.

Contact us to start ABA therapy in New Jersey today.