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Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders often struggle to demonstrate socially-appropriate skills and behavior in familiar settings such as grocery stores, classrooms, or playgrounds. Due to this, community-based and school-based ABA therapy is tremendously appealing to parents. 

Known as community or school-based ABA therapy, we offer both types at Heartlinks. Depending on which environment is most appropriate for your child, the goals of their treatment plan and the skills learned can be personalized to the structured environment your child frequents and where they need the most assistance. 

Whether you decide on a community or school setting, at Heartlinks, our behavior analysts have the necessary training and experience to adapt their therapy plans to the environment of your choice.

And with offices in Georgia, New Jersey, and Indiana; there is a Heartlinks ABA provider near you. Now’s the time to embark on a different approach to ABA therapy. Read on to learn more about our school and community-based ABA therapy.

What is ABA Therapy?

Applied Behavior Analysis, or ABA therapy, is a treatment for children with autism. It is designed to help reinforce a child’s positive behavior while decreasing less desirable ones.

Highly-trained therapists have conducted the ABA method for over 50 years. It has helped children with autism spectrum disorders increase language and communication skills, improve their attention spans, and learn daily living skills.  

What is school-based ABA therapy, and what are its advantages?

School-based ABA therapy focuses on supporting children with autism in public or private school settings. This type of therapy in a structured environment can be highly beneficial for children experiencing difficulty with social interaction, anxiety, behaviors, and other issues amplified in a classroom setting. 

One of the best teaching tools for children with developmental disabilities is working with their peers. By interacting with other kids, children with Autism Spectrum Disorders can actively practice the communication or social skills they’ve learned through their therapy. 

In a school setting, Heartlink’s licensed ABA therapists can work with your child in their classroom instead of in a clinic. This will help children with Autism apply new skills immediately. It will also allow the therapist to perform behavioral interventions when required and observe their client’s recently learned skills with their classmates.

What is community-based ABA therapy, and what are its advantages?

A child’s environment is a crucial component of ABA therapy. Community-based ABA therapy helps address negative behaviors often associated with the child in their regular community settings, such as grocery stores or recreational centers. At Heartlinks, our ABA therapists help with the daily social interactions and skills needed in these community settings. 

How does school or community-based ABA therapy work?

Whether you choose school or community-based ABA therapy or a combination of both, it all begins with a phone call or email from you. 

Initial Outreach

At Heartlinks, we aim to make initial contact with you within a 24-hour time frame. That’s when we’ll speak with you to establish an appointment to hear more about your child. Alternatively, if your child has an official diagnosis, we can move on to the next step. 

Contact Insurance

Once the appointment is made, we’ll contact your insurer to guarantee your child receives the maximum benefits they’re entitled to.

Complete Intake Form

Then we’ll request that you complete a detailed intake form regarding your child’s needs, challenges, and goals. 

BCBA In-home Analysis

Once that is complete, we’ll send a qualified BCBA to your home to assess your child. They will take a thorough family history and build a better understanding of your child’s needs and challenges. 

This BCBA-led assessment will be sent to your insurer for final approval. 


Meanwhile, behind the scenes at Heartlinks, we’ll work tirelessly to match your child with a perfect-fit BCBA and paraprofessional RBT. So when we receive insurance approval, there is no delay in starting your child’s school or community-based ABA therapy. 


When insurance has authorized your child’s individualized treatment, we can begin scheduling their therapy on days and times that are the most convenient for you and your family. 

It may seem like the insurance approval process is a lot of work. But thanks to Heartlinks’ unique approach and thorough planning, once your child’s treatment begins, so will the positive changes!

Discover what school or community-based ABA therapy can do for your child!

If you’ve decided that ABA therapy is the best option for your child, then Heartlinks is for you. With locations throughout the United States, we have highly-trained therapists and use a customized approach to implement our community-based ABA therapy in your neck of the woods. 

Conversely, if our evaluations reveal that school-based ABA therapy is more suitable for your child’s needs, Heartlinks is equally qualified to staff and implement this type of therapy. 
Reach out to Heartlinks today and see how our unique approach to ABA therapy can awaken your child’s abilities.