Parenting a child with autism can be an exhausting, lonely and an all-consuming roller-coaster ride.

I don’t sleep at night worrying about my child’s future

How can I help my child learn to self-regulate?

By 11AM I’m exhausted after spending my morning managing another meltdown (or three)

I wish I could take my child to the grocery store without being terrified of their behaviour

Three Children Sitting In A Colorful Room Playing With Bell Toys

No matter how challenging your parenting journey is, you never stop fighting for your child.

You never stop wanting what every parent wants:
For your child to have a happy, healthy, and successful future.

In-home ABA gives your child the skills, opportunity, and support they need to thrive in the real world.

What is ABA?

As the only evidence-based treatment for ASD, ABA is the gold standard when it comes to treating kids on the spectrum. ABA focuses on helping kids acquire skills as well as modifying their behavior through positive reinforcement.

What we do

We provide in-home ABA therapy for children aged 0 - 21 with an ASD diagnosis. What makes us different from other ABA providers is how we use ABA and the holistic way in how we view your child.

How we use ABA

We’re not here to turn your child into a robot, or teach them by rote. By learning through a naturalistic teaching method, your child will build real-life skills in their normal environment. This sets them up for independence and success in real-world scenarios like the playground, grocery store and classroom.

How we see your child

Your child is a whole world. That’s why we take the time to understand your child’s full history and work closely with their whole medical team, so we have all the information we need to grasp the full picture. This opens the door to valuable insights and sets the stage for the best outcomes.

Insurance accepted

No matter what age or stage, positive, lasting progress is possible.

With Heartlinks ABA on your side, you’ll celebrate the moments that make everything worthwhile.

Managing behavior

  • Understanding & preventing problem behaviors
  • Managing triggers
  • Replacing negative behaviors with appropriate behaviors
  • Learning to manage in public places

Improving communication

Developing new skills

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You’ve got more than enough to worry about.

Worrying about ABA doesn’t need to be another item on your to-do list. We make ABA therapy easy for you and enjoyable for your child.

Therapy takes place at your home where your child is happiest and most comfortable so they can learn best. Book sessions on days and times that work for you. The best part? No extra driving to appointments.

Parents are welcomed, and encouraged, to observe and participate in therapy sessions. Ask questions, offer insights and understand for yourself how ABA works. The more involved you are, the better the outcomes.

We handle everything to do with insurance. We coordinate with your provider, let you know the status of your insurance coverage, and tell you if there are any additional costs involved.

You shouldn’t need to chase after your provider. We are sticklers about being responsive and communicative. We’re always a phone call or text message away. Any changes or issues? We’ll get in touch asap to sort things out.

Start faster, progress quicker. Our wide network of qualified therapists means your child can begin therapy right away. No waiting months for an opening, while your child could be learning valuable skills and making meaningful progress.

Is My Child Eligible?

We’re more than a regular ABA provider.

Benefit from our world-class expertise, passion-filled care, and whole-child insight. Your child may have an ASD diagnosis, but their diagnosis doesn’t define them.

We Provide:

A holistic assessment

ABA is one piece of your child’s treatment plan. We encourage you to share a detailed history so we can design a program that empowers your child to succeed. Our comprehensive assessment gives us a full appreciation of your child’s challenges so we can give them the support that suits them best.

A naturalistic teaching approach

You don’t want to turn your child into a robot, and neither do we. Naturalistic teaching means we focus on learning through your child’s natural environment. Therapy doesn’t take place only at a table or desk.  Building Lego on the floor? We’ll get down on the floor, and introduce concepts like colors, sorting and planning. Racing their matchbox cars? We’ll join the game, reinforcing concepts like turn-taking, and communication.

The skills – and willingness – to work with all ages

Older kids and teens can benefit tremendously from ABA. With over 20 years of experience with ASD and ABA, we know how to take the principles of ABA and adapt the therapy program to suit your child’s age and needs.

Hand-in-hand partnership

You know your child best. We’re not here to tell you what to do or act as we know better. We care about one thing: seeing your child succeed.  When every member of your child’s team pulls together and brings their unique expertise,  we present a cohesive approach and the best outcomes are achieved. 

A relationships-based therapy

We’re not here to “do” therapy to your child. We’re here to connect with them and work with them. Our warm and patient therapists get to know your child,  building a positive relationship throughout. 

You Get:

A customized therapy plan

We don’t do copy-and-paste therapy. Instead, we take the fundamentals of ABA and adapt them to suit your child’s personality, preferences, and interests. Does your child love water? We’ll incorporate it. Obsessed with Starwars lego? We’ll use it during the therapy.  

Skills your child can use in the real world

You may wonder “Will my child be able to perform this skill outside of the therapy session?” 

Naturalistic teaching offers kids on the spectrum an opportunity to learn socially appropriate behaviors within the context of the social environments they find themselves in every day like the dinner table, the playground, or the grocery store. This accelerates progress, and makes therapy fun for your child.

A program tailored to your child’s age and needs

Whether you have a non-verbal toddler or a high-functioning pre-teen struggling with social interactions, we’ll design an age-appropriate intervention that takes into account your child’s goals, skills, and abilities. 

An involved team player

Your child’s therapy  – and progress – doesn’t take place in a vacuum. We regularly meet with teachers, the school, other therapists and medical professionals to make sure we’re all on the same page. By sharing insights and collaborating, you get a whole-child approach and the best outcomes.

A child that looks forward to sessions

Your child needs to enjoy therapy in order to engage in the process. Your child will experience therapy as fun, and be motivated to participate.

Your child’s bright tomorrow starts today.

  1. Fill out this form
  2. We’ll check if you’re eligible for our services
  3. If you’re eligible, we’ll contact you to complete the intake process
  4. We carry out a comprehensive assessment
  5. Your child begins in-home therapy
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